#AHWB: Fort Worth Academy Edition

To say that the #AHWB Capsule Collection was a hit would be a major understatement. The exclusive clothing line, which is now up and available for purchase on shoptoniguy.com, launched at Creative Release and proved to be a well loved collection of all black picks with a branded TONI&GUY look.  

With a wide variety of items for both men and women, this collection has something for everyone in the TONI&GUY family, as long as you like the colour black (how could you not?). It was also inspired by members of the T&G family who also happen to be some of our favorite fashion authorities.


TONI&GUY models

Hairstylists, desigers, and our  Fort Worth TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy students fell deeply in love with the incredibly chic styles from the line. Now they’re proving that All Hairdressers Wear Black by representing in their #AHWB Capsule Collection looks at the academy.

Outfitted in black on black, these students are showing off The Caroline Tails Fleece cape, The Zak T-Shirt Hoodie and The Zak Tie Front T-Shirt. We must say, they wear it well.

Take a look below to see how they strut their favorite picks and find inspiration for your own #AHWB Capsule Collection ensembles.


TONI&GUY models in fort worth

BONUS: A playful snap of our students in #AHWB style, for your viewing pleasure. Because fun is always a priority.

TONI&GUY models

If you didn't get a chance to purchase your favorite piece from the Capsule Collection, you still have a chance! Hop over to shoptoniguy.com and click the "Pop-Up Shop" tab or go straight there by clicking right here to get your hands on your must-have item before it's gone. The collection is only available while quantities last, so don't snooze or you might miss out!