Beauty Breakdown: Alter Ego Edition

Last month, we launched two brand new collections at Creative Release, one of which broke down barriers that had previously limited the shapes and cuts TONI&GUY stylists could create. With the entrance of "Alter Ego," our men's clipper cuts collection, those limitations will now be a thing of the past. 



"Alter Ego" is proof that our innovation and evolution is far from over. Read on to see how Stephen Jaime created the Darin cut. 



  1. Start by placing a horseshoe from mid recession to below the crown.
  2. With no guard open, work from the perimeter up removing excess length.
  3. Switch to No. 2 guard open, work up to the horseshoe parting. This will establish your weight line that will follow the section.
  4. With the No. 2 guard closed, detail the weight line while using the comb to hold the hair down for control of the section.
  5. Switch the the No. 1 guard closed and start to fade the No. 1 with the No. 2 lengths.
  6. With no guard closed, fade from hairline to meet the No. 1 length.
  7. Switch to the shaver attachment. Along the perimeter of the hairline, shave bald 1" below the established weight line.
  8. The trimmer blade is placed vertical. Using the tips, work shallow movements up and down, fading from bald to clipper length.
  9. On top, take diagonal forward partings from the frontal bone to the mid recession. Behind the radial, establish a vertical guide. Comb perpendicular, elevate 90 degrees and slice round. Continue traveling taking pivoting sections, over-directing to the previous until the subsection is reached. 
  10. Release the fringe section. Comb to natural fall, elevate 1 finger's depth and point-cut square.
  11. Detail with slicing and channeling to add separation and movement.
  12. Finish by diffusing the hair. Add Matte Separation Workable Wax for separation and hold. This completes the look.