Beauty Breakdown: Euphoria Edition

The cat's out of the bag! ICYMI (but seriously, how could you?!) Creative Release was this weekend and with it came the reveal of two brand new collections. The first of these collections, "Euphoria," translates our idea of a perfect utopia into five unique and inspired cuts and colours. The cuts in this collection create a balance between sharp and soft elements with a variety of disconnected layers and contemporary variations of face-framing fringe. 



For those of you who weren't able to make it for the big reveal or those who want to see the breakdown again, we have the step-by-step process of the Joan cut by Zak Mascolo here for your viewing pleasure. Take a look ahead to see how Zak created this strong, sharp cut.


Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Take C-curvature partings from the mid recession to the nape area. Take a radial parting at the crown, separating the top and center back.
  2. At the front hairline, take a diagonal back section, comb perpendicular, elevate 90 degrees and blunt cut square.
  3. Repeat the technique through the side. The section behind the ear becomes a stationary guide.
  4. Continue working the technique to the parting, over-directing the stationary guide.
  5. Repeat on the opposite side.
  6. At the crown, take a vertical section, comb perpendicular, elevate 90 degrees following the round of the head and point-cut round.
  7. Take pivoting radial sections, over-direct the hair from the parting back to the stationary guide in the center and cut round. Repeat on the opposite side.
  8. Release the top and take a vertical section. Picking up the guide from the crown, comb perpendicular, elevate 90 degrees following the round and slice short to long.
  9. Take a vertical parting. At the crown, working from the center out, take horizontal sections, comb perpendicular, elevate 90 degrees and slice short to long.
  10. At the front hairline, over-direct the last section back.
  11. Blow-dry the hair. Utilize a flat brush for a smooth textured finish.
  12. Texturize the shape, pivoting throughout the top, working an aggressive point cutting technique. Detail the rest of the shape utilizing various texturizing techniques. Apply Bed Head Hard to Get. This completes the look.