Students Get in the Winter Spirit with a Frosty Fashion Show

As any hair designers and cosmetology experts both know, creativity is one of (if not thee) most vital assets to have to be successful and stand out in your field. The hairdressing industry is one of those industries that thrives on creativity and originality. As a company whose mission is to update the industry one hairdresser at a time, we strive to fuel our hairdressing academy students’ creative sides through various sections of their curriculum and events throughout their program.


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Opportunities like the Photographic Awards, Student Catwalks and The Cut Above contests give students the chance to take their artistry to a new level and test their own limits. However, sometimes our students come up with ways to push the creative envelope all on their own.


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The students at the Fort Worth TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy recently took it upon themselves to put together an event much like a Student Catwalk to showcase their talent and skills that they have learned so far. The event was presented in the form of an open house-style fashion show, which they titled “Winter Woods.”


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With their concept for this event in mind, they pitched the idea to the Fort Worth academy admissions director, Stephanie Meier and asked for her help to make their vision a reality.



“I was super impressed because this wasn’t even our Student Catwalk, but just an idea that the students had brought to me to help bring to life,” said Meier. They came up with a 'mock' photographics style show with demos and then a runway show featuring their work.”


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The show was created around the theme of an all-white canvas to fully showcase the hair styles. Each element of the fashion show was organized and executed completely by the hairdressing academy students. From design to marketing, each student played a major role in creating the event to match their concept.


TONI&GUY comestology crazy golden beard style

“As a student given the opportunity to showcase our art and passion was an experience I will never forget,” said student Tommy Gomez. “We took our tools and our education given to us by our instructors, teamed up with the student body, and turned our dreams into reality. This is what makes me proud to be here at the Fort Worth academy making history with TONI&GUY.”


fashion statement made by TONI&GUY model

Set against a white twinkle light background and pure white wardrobe the hair and makeup created by each student truly took center stage. A wide variety of looks were created, each with their own standout feature. From glitter-coated tresses (and facial hair and torsos) to avant garde antlers, the looks were incredibly unique and impressively executed. Beautifully melted vivid hues and timelessly sleek styles also made an appearance, rounding out the show with a satisfying variety of creativity.


unique hairstyle by TONI&GUY

“It was an amazing first time experience because runway is something that always interested me. I did not realize how much work and effort went into a show and I am very proud of our student body for what we accomplished,” added student Jolene Klenzendorf.


Gathering of TONI&GUY models


We are so proud to see what our Fort Worth students were able to accomplish using their own creativity and initiative!


The open house fashion show took place at the Fort Worth academy last Friday, December 1st.

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